Yehuda Swed, the founder of SeeSaw GmbH focusing on giving event photography and videography services for corporate clients  and Arty-Shock – Video Production company that helping companies to promote their brand and products with video storytelling, is a talented Berlin-based photojournalist with a passion for creative street photographer loves storytelling through video. With a background in photography.

Yehuda’s love for capturing unique stories and perspectives has led him to document a wide range of subjects, from the gay nightlife scene in Mexico City to the ongoing clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinian demonstrators. He has even ventured to Cuba, where he documented the unique project “Self Employed in A Communist Land”.

One of Yehuda’s most impressive projects is his documentary photo essay “Birds of Paradise”, which follows people in Berlin who wear extreme clothing and makeup in their daily life. Additionally, he is currently working on an ongoing documentary project that follows the lives of Israeli immigrants living in Berlin.

Yehuda’s passion for human rights issues, religion, and the toll of the world economic crisis is evident in his work, as he seeks to highlight the stories of people living on the fringe.

In late 2014, Yehuda founded SeeSaw |  Event Photo Agency, offering visual solutions for corporate clients. His skills in video production, social media and marketing, and video storytelling make him the perfect partner for businesses looking to elevate their brand with stunning visual content. With a command of Hebrew, English, German, and even some Swahili, Yehuda is a truly international creative force to be reckoned with.

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